• No PLACE is out of reach

    Screening and monitoring patients for disease needs fast, portable, robust diagnostics that can go anywhere. Daktari CD4 and Daktari Virology are being developed to meet that need. Millions of people can have access to life-saving technology.

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  • Anytime, Anywhere

    Daktari CD4 – the simple, affordable, portable cell counting device that extends your diagnostic reach to the point of care.

    • Accurate test results delivered in 10 minutes, as opposed to hours or days.
    • The Daktari CD4 weighs less than 3 kg and can be placed in a backpack, making it ideal for use in the field.
    • Always connected and communicating with the cloud to instantly transmit data.
    • Testing can be performed by a single trained user, anywhere in the world.
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“[We need the] ability to implement new, advanced laboratory technology as well as test new less expensive or easier to use diagnostics specifically designed for resource-limited settings.”